Marathon in Japan, Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka. Our running events are eco everywhere! Travel and run in Japan with ecomarathon!

Ecomarathon means a better environment for all, better fun for the Runners!

Kyoto, Kamogawa

April 28, Halfmarathon, 10k, parent-child run

Osaka,  Yodogawa

May 5 Halfmarathon, 10k and parent-child run

Tokyo, Todabashi at Arakawa

October 6, Half, 10k, parent-child run 5/3/1.1k

Kawasaki, Futako-Shinchi, Nikotama Ecomarathon

Next event planned for November 20, to be confirmed!

Osaka, Tondabayashi

May 6, 10k and parent-child run.

Osaka/Kobe area, Mukogawa

Fall event coming soon!


Osaka, Hirakata

April 29, Halfmarathon, 10k and parent-child run

Saitama, Saiko

October 27, Half, 10k, parent-child run 5/3/1.1k


Fees for all events:

Full 58$, Half 48$/10k 38$/5k 28$

Contact us for group discounts.

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Her are our designated charities, you can choose to donate in place of your registration fee.

Refugees Empowerment Japan 

50000円 donated in 2023 and 2024

Second Harvest Japan

50000円 donated in 2023 and 2024


Our friends

Participation Prize

Cool and useful trail pack!

Buff or waist pouch for family events.

If you need advice about running and traveling in Japan, contact us!